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CCTV Installation Service To Ensure Uninterrupted Surveillance Of Your Surrounding

Relying on a CCTV to survey your surrounding may not always give you accurate result as the device is prone to sudden breaking due to hardware or software failure. However, your association with us will ensure to keep your CCTV device in a workable condition. We are no ordinary service provider, but a state-of-the-art entity committing to provide comprehensive CCTV installation, maintenance and repair solutions to business and home users at relatively competitive prices.

Scope of our CCTV installation service:

Installation of CCTV security video cameras

DVR (digital video recorder) systems installation

Video surveillance system integration

Remote monitoring & management

Security & surveillance

Services & maintenance of cameras

DVR systems maintenance and services


Issues with CCTV devices pertaining to hardware, software, driver, and network are addressed instantly. However, if our professionals sense that abnormality in the device, we will arrange the service in the quickest time. With us, you can be rest assured to use your CCTV device wherever you want.

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