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Server Data Recovery

Loss of data in server may cause you worried, mayn't you? It is quite natural to make you trouble as soon as you discover malfunction either in NAS, SAN, DAS system or RAID array. There is a revelation any issues in the server may affect its storage applications and databases and take more than a day to recover them.

We as a professional service provider commit to extend our server data recovery service to clients throughout the day including holidays and as a result, users can get the opportunity to retrieve their data straight away. With us, you can save time and money when you allow our specialists to recover your data from the server.


Underlying Causes Responsible For Data Loss In The Server

Corrupted or Lost RAID Configurations

Improper Software or Operating System Upgrade

Faulty Partition Table

Drive Not Booting - Missing or Deleted File/Directory

Inaccessible Drive(s)

Clicking Drive(s)

RAID Controller Failure

Damaged Striping

Rebuild RAID Failure

Formatted Drive(s)

Multiple Hard Drive Crashes

Fire/Flood Damage


We will keep in touch with you even after delivering server data recovery service so as to help you promptly when you need us.


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